Delhi Kirtan Sabha Gurdwara

Year – 2003
Location – Pushp Vihar, New Delhi
Site Area – 0.3 Acres

What makes a space conventionally reserved for religion progressive and in tune with the needs and wants of the youths of a community? This proposal for a Gurdwara in South Delhi incorporates ancillary uses such as that of gym, library, community hall & auditorium so that the Gurdwara became a space for youth and cultural activity. The suggested built form is designed as a blend of the modern i.e. curtain walls and traditional architectural vocabulary of Gurdwaras. Material usage in Gurdwara is not traditionally climate responsive, we suggested a semi permeable hard and soft flooring for the entire circulation and sangat (visitors) area  instead of the white marble  conventionally used. This helps in reducing the Heat Island giving a better micro-climate to the Gurudwara premise.