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Westland, Tranquebar Press & EastWest

Year – 2012
Location – Adchini, New Delhi
Area – 2000 sft. 

The workspace of Westland (a subsidiary of Trent limited) has been designed with a very tight budget in a small 2000 sft. area. The only brief that the client gave us is that he did not want the extra sanitized look of a typical publisher’s office or a mass-produced corporate office in Delhi. Conceptually the entire office tries to play around with a controlled look of a book warehouse blended with that of a more informal residential living room where stacks of books surround you. Brand identity through the corporate color is explored in bookshelves which acte both as partitions and storage systems. Conventionally all senior level management rooms are closed cabins but here certain rooms are just defined using 7’ high bookshelves as partitions. Services are designed to enhance the sense of space, i.e. an intelligently planned electrical and HVAC systems which do away with the need for false ceiling. The existing ceiling mounted HVAC unit has been refurbished and re-installed with exposed painted over ducting. Some elements were taken from the original space and just given an overhaul like the re-polished marble flooring.

The resulting office is an open plan office where the all the major staff areas are naturally lit combined aesthetically with a few design interventions.